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Trip Reports

October 25, 2009
Bogspiel Results

I was at the 2nd Cape Cod Open Bogspiel over the weekend. There were 26 teams, most from New England, but from as far away as Houston. There were men, women,and mixed teams. I played with Jon Kunniholm (Border Curling Club), Bud Vana (Bedford Curling Club formerly of Border), and Phil, who's last name escapes me, from Cape Cod Curling Club. We finished 1st in the C group. We were 5-1, and our only loss was to the winner of the A group.

Very nice for those of you looking for an early season bonspiel next year.

Good curling.

March 19, 2009
GMCC Women Win the Women's 5 & Under
This past Sunday, the Green Mountain team of Blythe Leonard (lead), Connie Dollinger (second), Meg O’Donnell (vice), and Tish Orr (skip) took gold in the A-event at the Women’s 5 & Under Challenge held at the Ardsley Curling Club.

We had the long draw, playing games in the morning and then again in the final draw of the night at 8:00 on both Friday and Saturday. The ice was keen and the stones very responsive.

We started the bonspiel Friday morning against Philadelphia -- a close game that came down to skip stones in the eighth end. We then proceeded to defeat Broomstones on Friday evening, and Schenectady II and Utica I on Saturday -- all of them with a comfortable lead, having nibbled away at our opposing teams with a steal here and there.

We faced the Albany team in the final on Sunday afternoon. We went into the 8th end with a 3-stone lead, but Albany scored three to tie it up. We went into the tie-breaking 9th end with the hammer. After each team had thrown 5 stones, we were sitting 3 in the house, all alone. Albany was not able to get through the guards to score or curl around for a hit and roll in. Albany’s skip made her last attempt to draw to the four-foot, but was narrow and light. Green Mountain wins!

The team received gold pins and the Women's Challenge plaque, which is ours until next spring's bonspiel. We're proud to be the first "arena club" to have won the Challenge in its 19-year history, and (as Club President Rich Dauphin said) to have put the Green Mountain Curling Club on the GNCC map!

Good Curling.

November 5, 2008
Carosella Results - GMCC Women Win the MacIsaac (D event)
The team of Tish Orr, Meg O’Donnell, Connie Dollinger and Blythe Leonard competed this past weekend (Nov.1-2) in the Schenectady Invitational Carosella Women's Bonspiel. We won 3 of our 4 games including the D-event (MacIsaac) final. It was an exciting weekend, especially our second draw when we were tied after 8 ends. It came down to skip’s stones for the tie breaker. The team unanimously chose Meg to throw the skip stone because she really had her draw weight. She released the stone. Half way down, the sweepers begin to sweep for weight and line. They stop at the hog line because the weight looked good. As it approached the house, sweeping started again to get it as close to the button as possible, it stops just shy of the 4 foot. Our opponent steps up, delivers and sends it wide of the mark. Green Mountain wins.

That was only one of the exciting moments this past weekend.

We will see you all on the ice this Saturday for more curling excitement.

Good Curling.